The Royal Jersey Agricultural and Horticultural Society

There are some 5,000 head of Jersey cattle in the Island of which 3,000 are ‘in milk’, calving all year round to ensure regular supply of milk to the dairy.  All except one of the 21 dairy farmers supply their milk to the farmer owned co-operative Jersey Dairy.
Jersey Dairy processes approximately 14 million litres, which is produced under a quota or milk licence scheme operated by Jersey Dairy, a milk producer owned co-operative. Jersey Dairy supplies the Island’s need for 9 million litres of fresh milk.  It also processes a range of products including butter, cream, yoghurt and ice cream.  They are developing a premium quality line of products for the export market and in 2010 invested some £12 million in a new modern dairy alongside the RJA&HS showground in Trinity.

Directly descended from the first published Jersey breed Herdbook, any Jerseys on Jersey Island are required to be fully pedigree for entry into the register, with a small AA sired terminal beef population from the dairy herd, reared to supply a niche quality local beef market.
The most important development in dairy farming in recent years was the change in Island legislation in 2008 to permit the introduction of genetics for the first time in some 200 years.  Almost a decade on nearly all herds have embraced the positive qualities of the global Jersey population through the importation of semen, with the majority of Jersey cattle now carrying international genetics in their pedigree.
The RJA&HS is monitoring the development of the breed to maintain breed characteristics and diversity in the Island herd. Results from the 1st and 2nd generation outcross to international Jersey sires   indicate that they are exhibiting an improvement in both milk production and conformation characteristics.  Cattle breeders are looking forward to once again being recognised as the source of world class breeding stock.




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2016 Data Breed Average Top 25%
Milk Yield
(litres/per lactation)
5,443 6,213
Fat Yield (kg) 290 332
Protein Yield (kg) 202 230
Calving Interval (days) 399 360