The Montbeliarde Breed - A Profitable Future.

The Montbeliarde is a red and white breed of cattle that originated in the east of France in the 19th century, and was officially recognized as a breed in 1889, 115 years ago.

Today, the Montbeliarde breed is the second largest dairy breed in France as well as in Ireland, in both numbers of animals and in total milk production. It is the only breed that is currently growing in France thanks to its many economical advantages, in fact the breed has seen an increase of 37% in the last 20 years.


The east of France is a mountainous area with a very continental climate (hot summers and cold winters) , which made it necessary to select for a very hardy type of cow, not only able to produce plenty of milk but also to withstand the difficult conditions.

Montbeliardes have been bred for longevity, good fertility, high beef value and good locomotion with great feet & legs. The breed is successful all over the world with strong holds in California, Ireland and Chile.




  • Rose Cottage
  • Little Fencote
  • Northallerton
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2016 Data Breed Average Top 25%
Milk Yield
(litres/per lactation)
7,017 8,083
Fat Yield (kg) 274 315
Protein Yield (kg) 236 217
Calving Interval (days) 397 352