The Ayrshire Society & Breed History

Formed in 1877, the Ayrshire Cattle Society of Great Britain and Ireland is a forward thinking, highly motivated breed society dedicated to keeping the Ayrshire at the forefront of modern dairying.

Originating in South-west Scotland, the Ayrshire Breed was first recorded on an official basis in the 1870's, with formation of the Ayrshire Cattle Society Herd Book in 1877.

Breed Characteristics & Stats

Ayrshire’s are considered economic dairy cows that are easy to manage with good overall health. They are now located across all continents and have the ability to thrive in various climates.

The breed can efficiently produce large quantities of high quality milk from forage and are becoming increasingly popular in organic systems.

Economic Milk production is the principal aim of any dairy farmer where the inputs to the herd have to be in balance with the milk each cow produces, and the Ayrshire breed produces margins that keep the business performing profitably.




  • Westburn House McNee Road
  • South Ayrshire
  • KA9 2PB
  • United Kingdom


2016 Data Breed Average Top 25%
Milk Yield
(litres/per lactation)
6905 7949
Fat Yield (kg) 285 328
Protein Yield (kg) 230 265
Calving Interval (days) 410 358